Being Cremated? 5 Ways Funeral Home Staff Help Discuss It With Family

Do you want to be cremated but worry that your loved ones will not understand or support your choice? This is a challenge for many people who both want to make the right call for themselves but also love their families. The good news is that you're not alone. An experienced funeral home can help. How can they assist you in helping your loved ones to be more supportive? Here are a few key ways. [Read More]

How To Prepare Mourners For Ocean Ash Scattering

The ashes of a loved one lost at sea can be scattered in many ways. While the process may be peaceful, it's important to be prepared for the reality of what scattering ashes at sea entails. Here are six ways you can help mourners prepare for ocean ash scattering. You Should Inform Them of the Process The first step is to inform mourners of the process. Ash scattering at sea is done by boat and the ashes are scattered using a biodegradable urn. [Read More]

Discover The Four Types Of Cremation Services

If you are interested in being cremated once you have passed away, you might be also interested in knowing that there are actually four types of cremation services you can have your family opt for when that time comes. You can also leave your wishes in your last will and testament or finalize the arrangements ahead of time on your own. To help you determine which type of cremation service you will want, you will want to continue reading. [Read More]

Benefits Of Planning A Full-Service Funeral

Funerals are an important time for families who just lost a loved one. They can take place in a number of ways, but if you decide to have a full-service funeral carried out, here are some benefits you'll have access to. Visitation For Guests  If you plan on having different guests at the funeral besides immediate family members, such as friends and co-workers, then you may want them to be able to pay their respects one last time. [Read More]